Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tango Muno Bago Mag-Cha Cha

Although the Black Friday Protests have ceased for now, our advocacy against this repressive regime continues on other fronts. The Black & White Movement is clearly against Gloria's version of Cha Cha and her illegal "people's initiative". In this regard, we staged another, peaceful, non-violent action recently called "Tango Bago Cha Cha" (Tanggalin Si Gloria Bago Cha Cha) in front of the COMELEC building in Intramuros. This time we applied for, and received a permit to perform our dance number.

After the usual negotiation that precedes a protest action, and this time with the help of the Manila police, we got to do our STOP Cha Cha Tango. We were eventually joined by a few COMELEC employees that whispered words of support in our ears. Some went as far as saying their bosses were giving the lot of them a bad name and should be replaced sooner than later to ensure clean, honestly managed elections. We continue to work toward making that dream a reality.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Black Friday Bulletin #9 - Victory Celebration for the Black Friday Protest

Yesterday, the Supreme Court yet again rebuked the GMA administration when it ruled unconstitutional the warrantless arrest of protesters, the forcible breakup of rallies, and the illegal raid of the Tribune under cover of PP 1017.

This reaffirms what we have been saying all along - that GMA's continuing and escalating acts of repression are illegal.

You will recall that this movement was birthed on March 1 and was named Black Friday protest to mourn the death of democracy as symbolized by the declaration of PP 1017 last February 24 - a dark Friday in the history of our nation. With the trashing of EO 464, CPR, and now - PP 1017 by the Supreme Court, the objects of protest of this movement have now been effectively vanquished. And the Black Friday protest movement has outlived its purpose.

We declare victory!

Next Friday (May 12), we invite everyone who has participated in at least one Black Friday protest activity to join us in our victory celebration (details will be announced in a separate email). We will formally close the Black Friday Protest Movement.

But the fight goes on.

In the same forum, we will announce Black and White Movement's planned protest actions against GMA's ChaCha, whether through ConAss or through an illegitimate "people's initiative". We will also present our plans to promote the call for snap elections. We will not stop until truth and justice once again prevail upon this nation.

Patalsikin na! Now na!

God bless,