Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BLACK FRIDAY PROTEST BULLETIN #4: Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) Sa Luneta

Designated Time and Place of Flash Protest on March 24:
Luneta Park - 4:00 to 4:30 PM

Plan of action:

1) Wear BLACK

2) Assemble at any of the following locations between 3:30-4:00pm
a) Bayview Starbucks
b) Chow King Restaurant along Roxas Blvd. corner T. M. Kalaw
c) Manila Hotel
d) Parking Area of Harbor View
e) Entrance of Chinese Garden

3) Wait awhile for other people dressed in black. Take a snack, if you wish, while waiting for others.

4) At 4 PM, walk towards the designated location. Important: walk per family, or 2 at a time, so that this is not construed as a march by a group. Give sufficient spacing between families and pairs.

5) When you get to the designated place, mingle with the other people, without any unnecessary commotion.

6) When the signal is given, everyone in black must come together to pose for pictures.

7) Do the "patalsikin" sign during the picture taking.

8) On cue, disperse quietly.

Suggested preparations:

1) Bring your family. This is a non-violent action, after all.
2) Invite as many friends, or officemates to this peaceful event.
3) If you're an employer or a manager, invite all your subordinates to join you.
4) If you're from the same office, arrange for carpooling to your selected assembly point.
5) If you're located outside Metro Manila, and wish to organize a protest action, select an area where you and your friends can assemble peacefully. Advise your local media to cover your action. Document your silent protest by taking pictures and email them to

Important reminders:

1) This is a SILENT PROTEST, not a rally. Please DO NOT shout, sing, pass leaflets, bring banners or placards or do anything to disturb the peace.
2) Bring your cameras. The highlight of the protest action is the picture-taking with the "patalsikin" pose.
3) In the unlikely event that there is one in our ranks who may attempt to disturb the peace by shouting or any other unruly behavior, take pictures of that person while trying to peacefully talk him down. We could use those pictures to prove that the rabble rouser is not one of us.
4) If the police block you on your way to the designated area, assert your rights without being confrontational. Get the name of the policeman in charge and ask someone to take pictures of him blocking you. Email to us so we can file the appropriate charges against them.


Blogger sunny rasheed lucman pacasum said...

By: sunny rasheed lucman pacasum

Now it seems almost an eternity since I left Muslim Mindanao. Word has it that my cousin is dead set on carrying on with his cause as a Mujahideen. I can be considered a typical barrio boy who abruptly found himself in the big city. While my cousin and I have parted ways ideologically, we still share the same perennial love and concern for the land of our birth, and everyday that passes by, I thank God for moving me closer to the time when I will be going home. Call me naïve, but I still believe in the resilience of our race. Behind my pursuit to find my personal capitalistic legend lays the dream of being able to go back in Mindanao and continue the struggle. The promise of living permanently in a 1st world country is tempting but I ask myself how can I do away with my Bangsamoro blood when I belong to a race of great heroes who has set the tone for future generations to inherit?
I’m an obsessively impatient person, but I’m determined to wait for the day our people and this government will put an end to the Mindanao conflict when both parties will commit to an agreement that will not fall short of the aspiration of every Moro having our own Islamic state. I don’t care if it takes ten more years or twenty for the balance of power to tip in favor of the oppressed, or if I don’t see such tipping at all. It’s enough for me to know that the freedom of the Bangsamoro is coming and is truly inevitable. The struggle has not ceased for the last hundred years.
I’m now 25 years old and my age has absolutely nothing to do with my dreams. Age, young or old should never be an excuse for a person’s “State of idealism” We must understand that our ideologies is the fuel that ignite the aspirations we have, it’s the reason for starting each new day with a sense of hope. Without it, there will be little for us to live for.
The biggest problem with our generation is that we’ve stopped forming our own opinions. I’m starting to envy the past generations where the youth made good use of their freedom of speech. Raising clenched fist, waiving the Bangsamoro flag and blasting every program that smelled of Marcos dictatorship. That was an era when to be apathetic was to be a traitor to the Bangsamoro cause. I will forever bring with me the images of those defiant students who were mercilessly brutalized by the police forces, while their fathers and mothers either cowered in fear of the sight of abusive police. The students held their ground without fear, determined to face the full might and brutality of the government with their frail bodies. They stood defiant taking upon themselves the daunting gigantic duty of righting the wrong that their government has brought upon their land and their people and I saw in them so much anger, frustration, and anxiety. This is because it was a time when people cared. They voiced the hidden hopes of every Muslim in this country.
That’s why I admire the youth’s willingness to march in the streets for what they believe in and to do something about the situation instead of asking someone else to do it. But these days activist are brushed off as addicts; kids-crying-for attention, people who are bored and need to find an outlet for their angst. I think the word activist when you live in a democracy is a redundant term. All citizens in a democratic country are by the very fact they live in a democracy are activists because you have to be otherwise it’s not at all democratic. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It’s a participatory event. It only works when every one is active. One way is to exercise our freedom to speak. Freedom of speech is not just a democratic right. Freedom of speech exists because it is conceded that there is no one voice of reason. There is no monopoly on truth which is why there is no one constitution that is absolute. The strength of the democracy is its people but that strength can also be a weakness particularly when you have a citizenry that swallows all the lies of the government, which is clearly the case of our countrymen.
Idealism is tough to handle, only those who are steadfast in their principles and strong can overcome the frustrations that challenge it. That is why only a few nurture idealism in their hearts for long. Those who do not believe that things can be done should not stand in the way of those who pursue change. These are probably the ones who have lost hope in our people. We have to revive that hope in them to create a progressive Islamic society that is founded in and driven by idealism. A revolution in the heart and mind must take place. Inshallah someday the Bangsamoros will overcome the difficulties it is grappling with right now. And soar high with much to be proud of in the eyes of the world. I believe and have faith in the inner goodness of our people as the key in the transformation of society for the better. The evils we see in our society should not deter us from our pursuit of justice. I believe every Muslim should be among the first to do something to free our land from the debilitating grip of greed and injustice. We need revolutionaries to persuade every Muslim into becoming active participants in the Bangsamoro quest for freedom. Freedom from this deceased government. WASSALAM!
SUNNY RASHEED,25,is amember of MAKE POVERTY can email him at or,visit

Friday, March 24, 2006 4:50:00 PM  
Blogger Simonne Aguilar said...

From a really exasperated kababayan and one who is telling the truth!


Ako ay isang middle class Pinoy, isang officer sa isang malaking korporasyon at may asawa...dalawa anak. Di na importante pangalan ko kasi parepareho naman tayong mga middle-class....trabaho 9-5, inom konti tapos uwi sa pamilya, laruin si baby, itutor si ate/kuya tapos tulog na, pag wala na pera intay nalang ng sweldo.

Sa nangyayari ngayon sa ating bansa, lahat nalang ng sector ay maingay at naririnig, tayo lang mga middle-class, tax paying at productive Pinoys ang di naririnig. Subalit, buwis natin ang nagpapaikot sa bansang ito. Pag may mga gulo na nangyayari, tayo ang tinatamaan. Kaya eto ang liham ko sa lahat ng maiingay na sector na sana makagising sa inyong bulag na pag-iisip.

Sa Mga Politiko:

Diyos ko naman, sa dami na nang nakurakot ninyo di na ba kayo makuntento kelangan nyo pa ba manggulo.

Sa Administrasyon:

Hayan ayus na ha pinatawad na namin ang pandaraya nyo sa eleksyon,
pruweba dito e di kami umaatend sa mga panawagan ng people power, kaya sana naman gantihan nyo kami ng magandang serbisyo at magaling na pamumuno at malaking bawas sa kurakot naman please para kahit papano maramdaman naman namin na may napupuntahan ang binabayad naming buwis.

Saka Madam GMA, step down ka na pag parliamentary na tayo sa 2007,
tignan mo, i-announce mo mag-step down ka kapag parliamentary na tayo, resounding YES yan sa plebiscite at tigil pa ang mga coup at people power laban sayo. Try mo lang.........

Sa Oposisyon:

Di nyo pa ba nakikita na dalawang klase lang ng tao ang nakikinig sa
inyo....isa ay bayaran na mahihirap kungdi man ay tangang mga excited
na reporter na parang naka-shabu lagi....mga praning e at naghahallucinate.

Bago man lang kayo maglunsad ng kilos laban sa administrasyon,
pumili muna kayo ng magiting at nararapat na ipapalit sa liderato ngayon.
Hirap sa inyo paresign kayo ng paresign wala naman kayo ipapalit na
Advise lang galing sa isang middle-class na syang tunay na puwersa sa
likod ng lahat ng matagumpay na People Power, magpakita muna kayo ng
galing bago nyo batuhin ang administrasyon. Wala na kaming narinig sa inyo kundi reklamo, e wala naman kayong ginagawa kundi magreklamo....para kayong batang lagi na lang naaagawan ng laruan.....GROW UP isip sa salita at sa gawa.

Please lang gasgas na rin ang pagrarally nyo na katabi nyo ay mga
bayaran na mahihirap, magtayo nalang kayo ng negosyo at iempleyo ang mga rallyista para maging productive silang mamamayan. Sige nga, pag
nagrarally kayo yakapin nyo nga at halikan yang mga kasama nyong nagrarally!! Nung People Power namin nagyayakapan kami lahat nuon.

Wala naman mangyayari sa mga rally nyo nakakatraffic lang, kami pang middle-class ang napeperwisyo. Di nyo kayang paghintayin ng 3 araw ang
mga rallyista nyo kasi kelangan nyo pakainin at swelduhan ang mga yan.
Kung gusto nyo tagumpay na People Power kami ang isama nyo....pero pagod na kami e, sori ha.

Sa Military:

Alam nyo lahat tayo may problema, pati US Army may problema, 2,000 plus na patay sa kanila sa Iraq na parang walang rason naman, pero nakita nyo ba sila nagreklamo? Wala diba kasi professional sila na sundalo.....yan dapat ang sundalo di nagtatanong sumusunod lang. Kasi may mga bagay na di kayang maintindihan ng indibidwal lamang, at ang mga nakatataas lang ang nakakaintindi ng kabuuan, kaya ito ang panuntunan ng lahat ng military ng lahat ng bansa. Pero parang military natin yata ang pinaka-mareklamo.
Sabi nga sa Spiderman "with great power comes great responsibility".....kaya maging spiderman kayo lahat at protektahan ang mamamayan. Sa totoo lang natatakot kami kapag nagrereklamo kayo, kasi may baril kayo at tangke, kami wala.

Wala ako comment sa mga mahihirap, di naman kasi sila maingay na kusa
e, may bayad ang ingay nila. Saka wala rin naman silang email.

Kaya paano na tayong mga middle-class?? Eto hanggang email nalang tayo kaya ikalat nyo na ito at magdasal tayo na umabot ito sa mga dapat makabasa nito at makiliti naman ang kanilang mga konsyensya.


Isang Middle-Class Pinoy na walang puknat na binabawasan ang sweldo ng Buwis!

Saturday, March 25, 2006 3:27:00 AM  
Blogger PopsJ said...

Nakakainggit!! Sa mga nakarating sa Luneta, mabuhay kayo!!

Ang pandaraya sa eleksiyon, ang CPR, ang PD 1017, at Agriculture Fund scam ay mga katuwiran para pababain ang nagpapangap na pangulo.

Saturday, March 25, 2006 10:32:00 PM  
Blogger PopsJ said...

Na miss ko ang EO 464 bilang isa sa dahilan para dapat maalis ang pekeng pangulo.

Saturday, March 25, 2006 10:34:00 PM  
Blogger andrew17robin said...

To Black Friday Protest Movement
Siguro mas magiging makabuluhan ang protesta ninyo kung yaong iyong mga bibilhin ninyong snack ay idonate ninyo sa mga nagugutom nating kababayan lalo na yung mga nakatira sa ilalim ng tulay, sa mga barong barong sa tabi ng ilog.
Sa halip na magdisperse kayo pagkatapos ng picture taking ay magmartsa kayo patungo sa mga lugar ng mga nagugutom at doon ninyo ilaan ang mga snack ninyo.
Iyan ang hinihintay naming mga makabuluhan layunin hindi yung for media exposure.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 3:05:00 PM  
Blogger Simonne Aguilar said...

oo nga naman BFMovement!
I-try nyo nga minsan pumunta sa mga lugar namin nang matuwa naman kaming mga mahihirap. Baka sakaling kapag nalagyan ng pagkain ang aming mga sikmura, mas lubusan pa namin kayo maintindihan sa mga hinaing ninyo.
Ang hirap s inyo, kami kanyo ang pinagtatanggol ninyo pero kayo lang naman ang nag-i-snack kapag may rally kayo.

Papicture naman tayo minsan Ma'am Dinky, Sir Butch...

Monday, April 03, 2006 2:23:00 AM  

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