Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More PATALSIKIN Collaterals for Overseas Pinoys

Below is an interesting email sent to me. It allows Overseas Pinoys, especially US residents to get hold of custom "Patalsikin" shirts and other collaterals.

Please visit to view materials available. Please note that neither Black and White Movement nor Mylene (who sent the note) are making any profit from this. Mylene takes pain in explaining the mechanics of the site and how she is passing on the actual cost to interested Pinoys.

We simply want the collaterals to be available to as many Pinoys as possible.

God bless,



Hi Enteng,

I've uploaded the Patalsikin Na. Now Na! graphic to Cafepress is a website that allows you to create your personalized stuff online and either buy them yourself or sell them to others. I made several products with the PNNN logo on them (T-shirts, mugs, caps, tote bag, stickers, buttons and magnets).

These products are available at the base price given by cafepress (shirts sell from $8.99 to $18.99), NO profit goes to me or to anyone else involved in the Black Friday protest. (If you want to check their base price, just go to and choose the product name.)

Maybe this can be of help to your supporters, especially those who aren't based in the Philippines. To check out the items, just visit the following website:

I believe you need a credit card to be able to make a purchase.
God bless all of us in our struggle to create the best Philippines!



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